Para-kin matchmaking between admirers and you will idols: a great qualitative studies regarding fans’ reasons for buying idol-dolls

Para-kin matchmaking between admirers and you will idols: a great qualitative studies regarding fans’ reasons for buying idol-dolls


The goal of this research would be to evaluate how “mommy fans” impact on the present designs away from parasocial relationships anywhere between fans and you may idols in order to acquire deeper information for the motives root the brand new purchase of idol dolls. Simultaneously, by for instance the knowledge and you will point of views regarding men idol admirers, the study tries so you’re able to increase the fresh new comprehension of enthusiast conclusion and promote comprehension of the latest reasons riding idol-toy application.


Bringing idol-doll people once the research stuff, this research conducted textual studies along with-depth interview to understand more about fans’ motives for purchasing idol dolls.


Idol toy commands is actually driven by psychological attachment, particularly among mother admirers whom attempt to present a sense of control and keep maintaining a mother–child matchmaking. Simultaneously, to find idol dolls may also act as a good disguise to possess girlfriend fans to cover up the intimate dreams regarding their idols. Furthermore, idol dolls serve as semiotic identifiers, drawing such-minded fans and you can wearing society identification. It ought to be listed one male idol admirers, that felt deviant on the male normative, face scrutiny into the female-dominated organizations, needing after that proof of credibility.

Important ramifications

This study encourages knowing the motivations at the rear of idol-toy purchases and can let advertisers inside providing towards the mental demands out of fans, such mother admirers, by designing and you can revenue dolls one to resonate and their wanted sense off attachment.

Personal implications

By the taking and concentrating on the good areas of enthusiast items, this research results in brand new ongoing process of de-demonization and you will normalization from fandom At the same time, this study also seeks to join a very total expertise of your own battles and you may mental means of Chinese more youthful age group.


This research explores brand new around-investigated mother-fan group’s emotional demands and their motivations of purchasing idol-dolls. Moreover it acknowledges the fresh new line of views and you can feel out-of men idol admirers, taking an innovative new and you can unique advice to the idol-toy practices.

step one Inclusion

” tabindex=”0″> based on celebrities’ styles had been ended up selling since the a new mode to possess Chinese fans to share its good affection because of their dear idols, leading to the production of a separate Chinese fandom community. Toward Weibo (one of the most well-known social media systems from inside the China), the net area having idol-doll-founders, people, and you will idol fans now has accumulated more than 460,000 supporters that’s very feminine-dominated. About program, it’s quite common for fans, who has an enormous line of idol dolls, to create adorable images and you may express the enjoy in dressing up and applying make-up on the “babies.” According to the latest consumer report, among idol-doll members, new article-2000 age group stands for the greatest proportion, getting together with 43 %, followed by the new post-1995 generation ranking 2nd, with a proportion at twenty six % (“2021 Pure cotton Toy Participants Notion Statement” 2021). For this reason, Age group Z, individuals, some body created between the late 1990s plus the early 2010s (Priporas ainsi que al. 2020), positively activates that have idol-toy requests because of interactive social network programs.

From the time away from participatory fandom and you will partner benefit, fans’ consumption tastes and their thought of relationship with idols are extremely victims away from instructional search. The way in which fans connect to a-listers has been defined as parasocial interaction-the nonreciprocal, imaginary telecommunications anywhere between fans and news personae (Liebers and you may Schramm 2019; Yan and you can Yang 2021). Nowadays, fans earnestly getting into brand new parasocial dating fantasize about an almost kinship which have idols, assuming that they could manage, or at least enjoys an apparent degree of effect on its idols. On the Chinese social media, there clearly was a development in which admirers, especially female, consider on their own because the idols’ moms and dads, aunts, or siblings. When you are earlier in the day research has extensively examined parasocial matchmaking predicated on heterosexual norms and you can fans’ personal goals regarding the idols (i.age., “girlfriend/wife admirers” away from idols), nothing could have been identified regarding the “mother fans”,“Mom admirers,” refer to fans (generally feminine fans) that are co-cultivating idols/a-listers since their elder women relatives. People say on their own because the mother of your idol and therefore are indulgent so you’re able to idols, delivering them given that pretty, innocent students who require their additional care (Yan and Yang 2021).